Can’t quit smoking ? it’s a psychological problem

“It’s easy to quit smoking. I have already quit a thousand times.” Mark Twain,  the American writer once ridiculed himself. How difficult is it to quit smoking? Statistics from abroad show that there are fewer than three smokers successfully quit smoking in every hundred quitters. I believe that the experience of smoking cessation of every old smoker is a history of struggle.

What you need to overcome to quit smoking is not a simple bad habit, but more of a chronic addictive mental illness, "nicotine dependence." In fact, it is very easy to overcome physiological dependence. You can seriously think about it. On the plane, on the high-speed train, at the meeting and conference, there is no physical pain that that comes from no smoking. For more example, when we are asleep, we will not wake up because we quit nicotine. Instead, a mosquito can make us wake up from sleep. Therefore, the physiological impact of nicotine abstinence is less than the pain from a mosquito.

The reason why many people feel that the smoking cessation process is extremely painful, besides the slightest physiological dependence, the main reason is psychological problems

1.  The Psychology of Fear

Everyone said that it is very difficult to quit smoking. Naturally, if you don't smoke, you will not be able to bear it. You can't concentrate on doing things. You are afraid of uncomfortable after you quit smoking. Fear of quitting smoking will lose  self-confidence at the same time.

And the above situation is also easy to derive escape psychology. Worried about have uncomfortable and irritability feeling, and no determined to quit smoking, than start self-paralysis, escape the problems, to try cover up their rational mentality and do not think about the problem seriously.

2.The Psychology of Unwilling

The subconscious of the smokers, still believes that smoking can bring comfort and enjoyment feeling to themselves, so that they can relieve stress. Therefore, when they think that if they quit smoking, there is a feeling of being sacrificed in the depths of hearts, like losing a very precious thing. When you face really to quit smoking, there will have unwilling feels.

In fact, it can be solved these two mentalities. First, correct the attitude to quitting smoking, then find alternatives to cigarettes, to fill psychological and physical vacancies. You will find it easier to quit smoking quit smoking relatively.