Should we worry about coughing when using electronic cigarette?

When using e-cigarettes, especially for first time users, there is a common problem of cough for most of users.

The survey showed that the proportion of people who have cough problem when started using e-cigarettes was 57%. after vaping a period of time, the proportion of

coughing drops to below 10%.

Why coughing is so common in e-cigarettes users?

The main cause of our cough is the stimulation of the throat or lungs. It doesn’t mean that it is not good, sometimes

is just our body reacts to unknown conditions.

01. Self-healing of throat, after stop smoking.

There is a "brush" cilia in the human lungs that helps clean the dust and harmful substances that enter into our trachea, leaving the alveoli clean and sterile condition,

maintain optimal state. However, when smoking traditional cigarettes continuously, variety of harmful substances are inhaled, and the cilia will "strike" and will been

killed slowly. Without a barrier protection, our lungs will accumulate harmful substances in continually, and causes paralysis of our lungs.

When stop smoking and start to using electronic cigarette, the harmful substances will reduce, and the cilia in lungs will grow slowly. During the cilia grows again, user

will get a cough, and when the cilia grows completely, the cough will be reduced greatly or disappeared.

At the same time, about 10% of people are allergic to PG, and cough is one of the allergic reactions. Choosing high VG content or free-PG content e-juice will reduce

the cough problem.

02. High nicotine content

Nicotine content too high can cause excessive irritation to our throat, which is what we usually called the excite of throat, it will make our throat uncomfortable and


Choosing low nicotine contend of e-juice, which can reduce the irritation of our throat and the cough will anesis.

03. Adaptation period from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarette conversion

When people convert to e-cigarette from traditional smoking for the first time, due to they are not used to the feeling of vape in their throats. Using the same way to

inhale while vaping and smoking, will also irritates our throat, what’s more the heat of atomized makes our throat feel dry, so will cough.

Finding a suitable puff e-cigarette way in time, will shorten the coughing problem and even can switch mouth puff to vape direct into lungs. If feel dry of your throat after

using e-cigarette, drink a glass of water properly. It is can relieve the symptoms of throat dehydration and avoid coughing.

As we said before, cough is a reaction purely from our body. It does not mean that it is as harmful as smoking. It is also does not mean that we should to be a smoker

again. Most of the cough symptoms will fall and disappear after adapting to the electronic cigarette. Coughing is no longer a problem. If you still have a cough problem,

it may be a health issue that is not related to the use of e-cigarettes. You should seek medical advice promptly.